Basic Create a Movieclip

Creating MovieClips in Flash MX

This tutorial will show you the basics of creating and using Movieclips in Flash MX. Most of the information will also be applicable to Flash MX2004.

  • First up, draw something that will be the first frame of your movieClip.
  • Make sure that you have created a new layer to contain your movieclip.
  • Select the whole of the drawing with the Selection Tool (The black Arrow).


  • Hit the key F8 (or select Menu Items “Insert” – “Convert to Symbol” ), Tick the MovieClip radio button , and give it an actionscript name.
  • Open the library by hitting key F11 or selecting Menu Items “Window” – “Library” or personalized “Luxury brands“.
  • Double click on the bird_mc movieclip in the library
  • This will open up the editing stage for movieclip


  • Move the character around a bit. I just moved the wings a bit. Create another keyframe on frame 3. Move the animation around a bit more. Create as many frames until you have an animation that loops from finish to start.
  • Drag the movieclip from the library to the stage. With the movieclip selected, open the properties window and find the “instance Name” textfield.
  • Write the name for its stage name in that textfield. I chose “bird”. That will be the actionscript name that i will use when coding the movieclip.

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