Flash 3D Tutorials Index

.obj File model importer – A PHP script to import 3D models into Flash.

Vector3D class – the class used for basic 3d maths

Backface Culling – methods for removing hidden surfaces of 3D objects.

3d Rendering Graphics Pipeline algorithms – A sample of different methods of organising 3d engine rendering processes.

3D Rendering Pipeline – According to Watt

3D engine Class Diagrams – to illustrate structure.

3D engine Deconstruction – Analyses a C engine to flash.

3D engine Deconstruction 2 – Test first and code

New 3D engine Design – Using OOP design principles. Requirements Doc and Use Cases.

3DS to XML Converter Scripts – for flash 3D, scripts by ideengebar to convert max .3ds format to xml.

Vic’s 3D Work – a library, loader/exporter – brilliant work