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How to do an Easy Animation

Draw a background for the animation on a level below the main action and name it background. Make sure that you create this background in the correct layer. Convert the ground to a graphic symbol with center registration and name it ground. Make as many frames as you like. Just select them and insert frames. Lock the background layer.

Create a new level for the animation, call it character, and create the object to be animated on that level. Do not forget to convert the animation object into a MovieClip object/symbol. Go into the timeline for the Movieclip and create a a keyframe for your starting point. Create another keyframe and move the object the required amount. If you are just drawing a stick figure for example, create empty keyframes and draw the stick figure, changing it slightly each frame. Make sure you use the onion skin feature to see where you have moved from.

How much you move will depend on what you are animating. If it is a human figure, for example, you will move the arms and legs just a little bit each time. If you are animating a fast moving car, then you would just move it along the x axis a fair way.Right click between the two keyframes and choose Motion Tween to actually move your animation. Test your movie and make any alterations to make the animation flow smoother. And there you have it, a very simple way to make animations in Adobe Flash CS3.

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