Flash CS3 Video Tutorial

Flash CS3 Video Tutorial

Creating a Simple Animation

First open the Flash program and if you want to make a basic animation with no background, just use one layer to start off with. Double click on the layer and rename it to something like animation. Go to the first frame of that layer. Set your framerate at about 12 frames per second or less if you do not want your animation to be so smooth and you want to do less work. Start off with a stick figure using the paintbrush tool.

To make another keyframe with that stick figure copied onto the next keyframe, just hit key F6 and you will have a second frame. Erase the part that you want to move, say the legs, and then turn on the Onion Skinning which will allow you to see how it was drawn in the previous frame. And then move the legs a bit further along in the walk cycle. Then go to the next frame and move it some more. Make sure you save your work as you go along in case your machine crashes and you lose all your work.

Keep going until you have completed a full walk cycle and you end up at just before your starting point with the legs. Hit the Enter key to view the animation to see how it looks. To see how it will look as a finished product hit Control + Enter and a preview window will open for you to look at.

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