Flash Tutorials

Free! – New Flash Tutorials on Video Available

I have received some free Flash video tutorials. They are first rate and you will get a great idea of the potential of learning flash by watching a video tutorial. You will get taken through all the steps and shown visually how to get the job done. Have a look below at some of the great free video tutorials I have secured.

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Read These Basic Tutes First

Flash MX common errors – Read this first. How to name Movieclips and that dreaded error message.

Actionscript Programming Basics – The general elements of programming structures.

Flash Work Practices – How to Generate good work practices in Flash.

Basic Create a Movieclip – and control using Actionscript.

Capturing Key Events and Mouse Drag – Using Flash MX Actionscript to capture key events such as pressing up and down keys, used in game control for example.

Flash MX Sound Object – Using Actionscript to play sounds

Flash MX Basic Animation Tutorial – First steps in Tweening

Flash MX preloader – by my buddy Ron

Flash SlideShow by Cressida Goddard

Flash MX Sound Object – How to use the Sound object.

Flash MX Games

Making a Dodgem Cars Game in flash MX Using Actionscript – Basic introduction to games programming using actionscript.

anatomy of a Flash MX Game – Full process of how to design and code a very simple game

Flash MX game – Tutorial on a space invaders clone

Space Invaders Tutorial Version 2.0 – With the code totally reworked and optimised.

Flash MX First Person Shooter Game – all the very basics, more to come.

Flash MX Video

Making Flash Videos – How to make videos in flash without using any codecs

Embedded Video in Flash MX – How to make Flash Video

Flash MX Video Editor Simulation – a drag and drop exercise

Flash MX Components

Flash MX ScrollPane – How to use the ScrollPane Component

Flash MX ScrollPane #2 – How to use buttons inside scrollpanes.

Flash MX2004 – Actionscript 2.0

ActionScript 2.0 classes tutorial – Using Inheritance and creating an Interface class

ActionScript 2.0 classes tutorial 2 – More on Inheritance

AS2 Game Development Log – Notes on my developing a space shoot-em-up in OOP

AS2 Game Development Log, Part 2 – Making baddies move, collision detection, scoring

AS2 Game Development Log, Part 3 – fix score display, Scrolling parallax Background

Click here for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Actionscript 2.0 Graphics class – A wrapper to simplify the use of Flash’s Drawing API.

Deamothuls Actionscript 2.0 Shapes classes – Another way to use the Drawing API to draw basic shapes.

Physics and AS2.0 – A falling Triangle using flashMX2004 and physics – by Deamothul

Interfaces in Flash MX2004 – learn what they are and how to use them.

Flash MX video course -Learn how to use the powerful development features – action scripting, sound, images, text, and video clips to create Website content.