Flash MX and MX2004 Games

Space Shoot-Em-Up – Made in Flash MX. Your classic side-scrolling spaceship shoot’em’up arcade game.

Dodge’Em Cars – All the fun of the fair – Flash MX.

Street Fighting Bananas – The results of the Game Tutorial – Flash MX.

Space Devourers – A pale imitation of the original – And here is the Tutorial – Flash MX.

Space Devourers 2.0 – With the code totally redone. heaps faster! – And here is the new Tutorial – Flash MX.

3D Racing Car Demo Based on Senocular’s 3D car race tutorial at –

Skiing Game – Beta test of a skiing game

Space game beta – Developed by Deamothul

Video Editor – Try video editing with our clunky ole editor.

Flash MX2004

ActionScript 2.0 Demo – World’s first game created in AS2 and OOP

3d Engine Test – Polycount is 77 and quite reasonable.

3d Engine beta – With a polycount way too high. Back to the drawing board.

Actionscript 2.0 – Falling Triangle Effect – by Deamothul