html tutorial #1

html tutorial #1

  • html tutorial #1 – basic tags

  • To begin this html tutorial, open up your text editor. Do not use a word-processor such as MS Word because it will include formatting tags such as end of line, tabs etc. For advanced HTML, ASP, perl coding use a text editor, such as the Boxer Text Editor that tells you line numbers so that you can fix up errors easily.
  • The beginning html tags will be <HTML> . All html code must be included within < > tags. To end the assignation of that code command put in a “/” which means “not” or “end of this command”. So, all code on a html page must start and end with <HTML > </HTML >
  • The next command of this html tutorial that needs to be at the beginning of the page is the <HEAD > </HEAD > Code. This section is an introductory section which is not part of the body but may contain layout instructions, javascript functions, or metatags that give information to search engines.
  • So the initial coding contains four elements in our html tutorial.
  • <HTML >
    <HEAD >
    </HEAD >
    < /HTML >


  • Now Put in TITLE tags
    < TITLE>html tutorial</TITLE >
    This title will come up at the very top of the page. Try it !
    Now our code for the html tutorial includes :<HTML >
    < HEAD >
    < TITLE >html tutorial < /TITLE >
    < /HEAD >
    < /HTML >


  • < BODY > TAG
    This tag contains the materials that will be shown on the browser page.
    It is the “body” of the page.
    When you first open notepad, this html tutorial strongly suggest you type in the follwing code immediately and save it, before doing anything else.< HTML >
    < HEAD >
    < TITLE > < /TITLE >
    < /HEAD >
    < BODY >

    < /BODY>
    < /HTML>


Thus endeth html tutorial the first part.

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