Java For Kids

Java For Kids is a course for kids and beginner programmers using the very easy-to-use JUDO windows program instead of that yukky dos command line interface. It will be a very hands-on approach with lots of doing, lots of exercises and a minimum of theory.

Lesson 1 Introduction and Installation of Java and JUDO

Lesson 2 Java statements, variables, Datatypes, Start Programming, keywords.

Lesson 4 Java Loops, while , do .. while , for loops

Lesson 5 Java Arrays – creating and using

Lesson 6 Java Graphics – drawRectangle, drawCircle

Lesson 7 Java Animation – basic movement, clearScreen, delay

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Lesson 8 Capturing Mouse Events

Lesson 9 Designing a Java Game – Shoot-em-up or Space Invaders style

Lesson 10 Using the DOS Prompt. Starting on real java

Lesson 11 Java methods – Passing arguments and return types

Lesson 12 Java Classes – constructors

Lesson 13 Scope and Multiple constructors

Lesson 14 Java Applets