Video Camera Course

Video Know-How , an 8 week course , 2 hours per week. Run regularly over the past few years.

Week 1 Video Camera Features, Part 1
CCD’s, Low Light, ViewFinder, LCD Monitor, Wide Screen, Remote Control, Audio, Wind Filter, Image Steady.

Week 2 Video Camera Features, Part 2
Aperture, Macro, AutoExposure, Focus, White Balance, Batteries, AC Adaptor, Special Effects, Fade, titler.

Week 3 Connections In/Out, Formats,Maintenance
Firewire, USB, RCA, S-Video , BlueTooth, Why Digital, Camera Maintenance, Saving Battery Life.

Week 4 White Balance, Focus, Exposure, Audio
Inside/outside and manual White Balance, Auto- and Manual-Focus, AutoExposure, BackLighting, Camera/external microphones, Shotguns.

Week 5 Composition and Framing
The rule of Thirds, Head Room, Talking Room, Walking Room, Wide Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up.

Week 6 Shot Angles, Camera Moves, Tripod Use, Hand held.
Eye-level, High level, low level, zooms, Pans, tilts, follows, Use of a tripod, Hand Held camerwork.

Week 7 Pre-Production Planning, StoryBoarding, Shoot Schedule
Outlines, shot lists, equipment Lists, Doing a StoryBoard, Planning a Shooting schedule.

Week 8 Production, Setting Up Camera, Shooting Tips, Lighting.
Roles in Production, Steps in setting up a camera, Tips for better pictures, indoor and outdoor lighting.

Buying a Camcorder Buying a Video Camera
Tips on selecting the best video camera to suit your needs.




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