HTML and Web Design Tutorials

Basic HTML tags – First steps in page layout using HTML

Optimising Gifs– How to optimise gif files for web use.

Optimising Jpegs – How to optimise jpeg files for web use.

Headings, Images, and Links – Tutorial on coding heading, images and links in HTML

Coding Website Backgrounds – How to use website backgrounds on the page, the table, and cells.

Slicing Up Web Pages – Using Photoshop and ImageReady

Rollovers and Transparent Gifs – Rollover on Buttons and making Transparent Gifs

Search Engine Optimisation – Optimization for Search Engine Submission

PHP Programming Basics – Learn how to use PHP, by Ron

Free Website Backgrounds – Images to use as backgrounds for your website

How to use Website Backgrounds – How to use my free website backgrounds for your website

Tips on Choosing a Web Host – some matters to be considered when choosing the adequate web host.

PHP Scripts Don’t Have to End in .PHP – You can actually name your PHP scripts so that they end in .htm or .html.

Photoshop Tutorials

Basic Photoshop tips -Image size ,file formats, Scanning, selection, resolution

Selection tools – Veg Head

2 Column Magazine Layout Tutorial

The greatest video Photoshop tutorials on the net today – Only $49 for 16 Chapters !

Digital Photography Tutorials

(And a couple of Wet Photography ones chucked in)

Wet Photography – Test Strip and Final Print
Wet Photography – Making a proof sheet
Digital Cameras and Resolution Tutorial
Resolution, File Formats and Compression