What Video Programmers Can Learn from Seeing Broadway Musicals

Programming burnout is a problem that affects many programmers than you realize. Each programmer has a tough time trying to keep everything functioning properly. Occasionally, the fire in the belly needed to do an exceptional job disappears. In such instances, the programmer has little choice than to find a way of going back to the time when he was passionate about every little thing he does. Getting tickets to see a broadway musical for tonight is one way of doing something that’s very different from the norm.

Spend time with peers

Broadway musicals are a great way to spend time with your peers.

Broadway musicals are a great way to spend time with your peers.

Spending time with fellow, professional peers is one of the most effective ways of keeping the fire burning. Stepping out of the office with your colleagues, even if you work for different employers or clients is highly recommended. What’s more, the time spent in the company of fellow professionals might just lead you to the answers you have sought all along. Misery loves company. Two or more miserable programmers spending time together are likely to hit upon the solution that makes the develop the passion needed to do some meaningful work.  If you work in NYC, taking a night off to see a musical like Hamilton or Wicked might be just the trick you need.

Meeting together with the other professionals does not present you with the chance to moan and whine 24/7. You have to know that you’re free to do whatever you want. Nonetheless, use the time you have with the other programmers well. Spending these moments whining and moaning is the fastest way of losing your colleagues. The aim of the meeting is venting a bit before ultimately focusing on the factors responsible for the inspiration that you have lost. Nobody can help you go back to that place of inspiration than fellow programmers.

Address insecurities and self-doubt

Wicked: The Musical is a great example of show production as well as a great way to relax after a long day at work.

Wicked: The Musical is a great example of show production as well as a great way to relax after a long day at work.

Some programmers lose their motivation because of insecurity and self-doubt. A mentor can be helpful in such situations. Once more, you should find the Wicked tickets in NYC for tonight and take your mentor out to watch one of the most popular Broadway shows. The entertainment that the whole team receives at Gershwin Theater watching the musical is capable of creating a complete change in your attitude and mental state. The show will renew your mind.  You will leave the show with a different mindset, which is one of the things you need in programming.

Switching topics is highly advisable as one of the strategies for finding fresh sources of inspiration needed for programming. A programmer can’t go making errors in everything he touches. The errors can prove catastrophic to his clients. Coding doesn’t need any kind of pressure or laxity of mind. The programmer has to be as fresh as possible. Switch topics and focus on learning something new. Try new things, such as building, coding language that guarantees mental simulation.

Therefore, take advantage of the Wicked tickets in NYC for tonight to go out and restore the passion you have lost for your job. Find the reasons that make you lose the legendary passion that made you an expert computer programmer in the first place. It’s not just enough to change topics and talk about a new beginning. You have to make deliberate efforts to find ways of restoring the lost passion. Where possible buy some tickets to go watch Wicked the Musical in New York City.

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